Kamado Grill

Outdoor Grill | LIFESMART 24" Premium Kamado Grill Package LOADED w/FREE electric starter, all weather grill cover, drop-down bamboo shelves, stainless steel cart and more!
FREE SHIPPING included w/order!

SAVE $500!

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The SECRET behind why restaurant style wood oven pizzas taste so good is the consistently HIGH TEMPERATURE that creates the perfect environment for cooking and infusing those wonderful wood flavors.

Your NEW Kamado grill does that – up to 800 degrees!

The SECRET behind those mouth-watering meals that melt in your mouth after hours of smoking and slow cooking is the consistently LOW TEMPERATURE that creates the perfect environment for preparing meats and fish to a heightened state of perfection.

Your NEW Kamado grill does that – consistent low temps up to eight hours using hardwood lump charcoal!

The SECRET to any great outdoor cooking is being able to maintain PRECISE TEMPERATURES regardless of weather conditions.

Your NEW Kamado grill does that – with its unique design and super insulating ceramic shell, its origins can be traced to the Chinese more than 3,000 years ago!

The SECRET to cooking the BEST STEAK or BURGER you will ever have is searing in the juices on a high temperature grill while holding the center of the meat to your desired finish (rare, medium, well done).

Your NEW Kamado grill does that - it takes your backyard cooking to a whole new level. 

One appliance to Grill | Smoke | Roast | Sear | Braise | Bake


DUAL VENT TEMPERATURE CONTROLS for superior temperature regulation.

POWDER COATED or 304 STAINLESS STEEL CART w/casters for portability.

DROP DOWN BAMBOO SHELVES to hold grill tools, sauces, platters, etc.

ELECTRIC STARTER and GRILL COVER are included with every package.

AMAZING VALUE for all these features - compare to similar packages from $1,249 to $3,699!

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Delivered directly to your door!


Continental US only.

The SECRET to this amazing value is how many professional features are built in to create a phenomenal cooking experience.

Your NEW Kamado Grill will astound you and your envious neighbors with performance and luxury features found only here.


The SECRET to this amazing price is that it ships direct from the manufacturer's warehouse.

Your NEW Kamado Grill will arrive in one box and sets up in minutes. Order today and get FREE shipping, FREE electric starter and FREE all-weather grill cover.

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Sale Price     $999

  • 555 square inches of cooking surface (2 tiers)

  • High grade temperature resistant ceramics

  • Superior temperature regulation

  • Bamboo flip down shelves 

  • Steel cart w/locking casters

  • Built in grill thermometer

  • Top and bottom ceramic shells

  • Fuel | Lump charcoal (sold separately)

  • Assembled | 53.9" L x 32.7" D x 60.2" H (209 lbs.)

  • Carton Dimensions | 31.0" L x 27.6" D x 33.5" H (242 lbs.) 

  • FREE One year limited parts warranty

  • FREE Electric starter & Grill cover

  • FREE Shipping in continental US

Orders normally process and ship in 1-3 days.